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About - New Haven Location

Designed as a versatile hub, our New Haven office provides our dedicated staff with a myriad of amenities and resources to support their endeavors. Whether it's brainstorming sessions in our collaborative meeting rooms, conducting on-site inspections, or refining designs in private workspaces, our team has the flexibility and tools they need to excel.

Our strategic location ensures unparalleled accessibility for our staff, clients, and partners alike. Situated in close proximity to key project sites and transportation hubs, our office serves as a convenient nexus for collaboration and engagement, facilitating seamless interactions and project management.

Centralized Collaboration Tables

Technical staff is grouped by discipline teams with centralized collaboration tables and team rooms to enhance our ability to share knowledge and ideas in a comfortable and interactive space.

Every work station is an L shaped work space featuring motorized sit/stand desks with ample depth for design drawings to fit within the surface top.

Work Station
Flexible Work Areas

The kitchenette which has beverages and snacks provided by Etica Group for employees to enjoy. You can regularly find our staff eating lunch here or using it as a casual meeting space.

There are flexible work areas located throughout our space that serve as collaboration, mentoring, or focus areas depending on the needs of our staff.


8720 Castle Creek Pkwy E Dr, Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46250

New Haven

10848 Rose Ave, Suite 4 

New Haven, IN 46774

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