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Our Services

Welcome to Etica Group, where creativity and expertise converge to bring your projects to life. We offer a full spectrum of services tailored to your infrastructure and building needs. Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Dive into our pages to discover how we can transform your ideas into reality.


Transforming visions into reality, our architects create spaces that inspire and endure.

Construction Inspection

With a keen eye for detail, we oversee projects to guarantee quality and adherence to standards.

Building Envelope

Our meticulous approach safeguards structures, ensuring longevity and resilience.


Comprehensive assessments to ensure compliance with regulations and minimizing ecological impacts for infrastructure projects.

Civil Engineering

Building the foundation for vibrant communities and sites with precision and functionality.

Land Survey

Precision meets innovation as we navigate the intricate landscape of land surveying, ensuring accuracy in every detail.

Transportation Engineering

Connecting communities with innovative and efficient transportation solutions.


8720 Castle Creek Pkwy E Dr, Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46250

New Haven

10848 Rose Ave, Suite 4 

New Haven, IN 46774

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